Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bit's and Bob's

You may be wondering why the photos of trees, they are trees in the "forrest" next door and I trying to show how in a NW wind how they move. They are very unstable and one has did blow down a few months ago. My other neighbour, not the owner of the "forrest", said not to worry it came down in the "southerly". But the NW is our summer wind and on Saturday it roared through.These poplars are for the chop and  I will be very grateful when it happens as I get very nervous when the wind  blows with force. Right did some baking on Sunday,These delicious biscuits," cookies" from recipezaar are quite cakey and truly lovely, they are recipe no. 350543, if you want to make them.Very nice oaty muffins again recipezaar, I need more roughage I have decided and as I hate with a passion porridge, I think these mufffins are a nice alternative, with a cup full of oats to make me feel virtuous or smug which ever you prefer.Yes, Dave what are you doing on the computer chair as far away from the family as possible ? Perhaps you bought a dead mouse into the house through an open window, the open window in my bedroom and perhaps you woke Basil and I up, to gloat and receive praise for your cleverness. But my screams of get it out did not please you and after following your plaything  out the back lawn (it was 4am), you came in and decided we weren't worthy your gift and sulked.Found one of the men had placed this old quilt at the end of his bed, it is an early orginal quilt and I had put it away as it has become fragile with use, but I've been told to leave it where it is as it is his favourite. So there the owls sit till I put together one of the quilt tops I have made but not quilted yet, hoping to do it by March or not. As it is Lent and I am useless at giving up things I decided to join in an informal way the 20 minuteers and do some hand quilting at least once a day for Lent not exactly a penance but if I do some of my UFO's it will feel like it. Haven't been at work for 2 days nothing serious just another ear infection, I am partially deaf in my left ear and can hear my heartbeat whoosh away in it, such an unpleasant feeling, lost my glasses too yesterday only needed Annie Sullivan to come along and pour water on my hand and I'd have been set. I have to finally admitt that my eyes have got worse, in fact I've been waiting for years for some improvement but that looks now like an old wives tale. You know short sighted people's sight improves with old age, don't you want to find an "old wife " and give her a good slap sometimes, for getting so much wrong. Love Bee


  1. Just popped over from Country Bliss when I saw your comment about English robins. They are my favourite too and hold a very special place in our hearts. I have noticed there is always one around my garden when I need cheering up. They are quite tame too and will come within a metre of me. I love your owl quilt.

  2. Hello! It's Clare here! This is my blog address for my time in Japan
    I'll try to keep it updated so you know what I'm doing over there... but maybe not everything hahaha