Friday, February 5, 2010

Aj placed these CD's on the table the other day and said " I can't stand your music anymore could you please but these CD's in your car so we can have something decent to listen too".  As if Motorhead was ever decent music. What is wrong with, The Eagles, Patsy Cline , and Classical music I wondered. He said that he identified a song the other day in front of his mates as one of Doris Day"s and felt my brainwashing had gone to far. He has a wide ranging  musical taste and never worried about what his mates thought, but obviously he has been pushed to his limit.And no, Lemmy is not going in my car...........Jimmy Buffet rules.Tom thoughtfully got this book out of the library for me, he thought it would help as he knew my blood pressure is a bit of a worry. Please note I'm a young  53, 54 in April but not even close to 60. Busy weekend planned, drinks and nibbles Saturday night at a colleagues place, no Basil as he is on late shift and Sunday a wrestling BBQ which all the family will go too. In the near future another nibbles and drinks house warming and another BBQ then a Wedding dance in early March. It is usually either famine or feast in the social calender and it is going to be so busy. I'm thinking of making a wrap dress for the Wedding thingy, will have to go after work one day next week and look for material. Oh dear! thats going to be an imposition, not, yeah, love looking for fabric. Aunt Bee.

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