Monday, January 4, 2010

Feeling hot, hot , hot, sing along if you like.

Thinking about a scarf for winter, not sure though will have to think about it.

It's been to hot to crochet but I've been playing around with these circles of colour. Inspired by Lucy at Attic24.

This has been my life saver the last few days, it's been so hot I have been living on this concoction to help be cool down and keep my fluid intake up. I'm constantly making ice cubes, and actively staying out of the sun. the holidays are officially over, but  I have another week, which makes it the longest holiday I have had for years and I'm loving it. It  was so hot on Saturday that I took the scissors and cut my trousers into shorts then got some nice floral fabric and made binding for the edges, they look quite good, and then I noticed my machine had a slight problem so I got my big shears and tried to fix it, AJ said not a good idea mum, but I know best. I haven't taken a photo of my finger with the double plaster and tape on it, as it's nothing really, really more bruised, the gouge will heal soon. So it looks like this year will be much like the past, me doing stupid things and paying the price.........pain.

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