Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Some people have obsessions and some don't and it's o.k. either way, some people have obsessions with, tea towels, or hankies, or fabric in general or even cook books. It's part of what makes us human and interesting, I myself have a few obsessions and this is one, scarves, I love them. I'm in good company, my own darling mum is a scarf wearer, indeed the Queen herself is often seen with a square of silk tied under her chin. Of course they can be worn many ways and I think they say classy, stylish, ever so slightly retro and   fashion leader not follower, not ever one agrees with this I know. In fact one of my colleagues says frequently that I'm so lucky that I can get away with wearing a scarf.(Yeah ! it really is all in the way she says it). I found three lovely scarves in a CS last week, the lady serving said "That's a good find, I haven't seen those."Obviously I wouldn't have seen them either if she had. Some I have bought, some like the Indian shawl, Basil bought me, it smelt of incense and was so lovely but I did have to gently wash it and the scent is almost gone. I wear them all year round and in winter I've worn 3 at one time, it's bloody cold watching rugby or sitting in a cold hall watching wrestling. A fair bit of tartan going on there, as you can see, it must be that thimble full of scottish blood I have.

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