Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Respectable gown if seen putting out the bins.

This is the master bed with the remade throw on the end, the colour is terrible but  you can get the idea.

Top is the sheet, then the gown close up and then the continental blanket/throw, you can see why I had to have it, $4.00 in a CS shop.
This is a summer dressing gown that I made during the holidays. I had only my winter weight gown which was just to warm for the weather. I decided while cleaning out my sewing stuff (again) that one of my many sheets would make a nice gown. It's made on a kimino style, 3  rectangles and a belt and binding. For contrast I used the valance of a continental blanket that I pulled to pieces to make a throw for the end of the bed. The body of the blanket  was a oriental pattern, vaguely willow pattern and the valance was pink with dots, which I used for the belt and trim. It has turned out o.k., it is a little to big, I tend to make things larger than I am, I think it's because I think I'm huge when in truth I'm just large. Lots of  people will know what I mean. The colours in the photos aren't brilliant but it is pale anyway, in case anyone wonders I use sheets for backing for my quilts.

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