Thursday, January 14, 2010

I haven't blogged for awhile, at least a week, my sister the one with ideas (misplaced ) of grandeur, Contessa, pointed out this evening. I said well I haven't got any photos to post, she replied she hadn't thought it was compulsory, it's not I said but I feel should. So I think the root of  my bloggitis, is I went back to work on Tuesday and our clients came back on Wednesday. Our clients who have an ID, just all walked in the door, said hello or not and started work, no exchanges of gossip, stories of  christmas presents good or bad, no holiday photos just a o.k. we been off , lets get back to the normal rythmn of our lives at work. A bit deflating for the staff who like to prolong the holiday by any means possible and stave off the impending year of work till the last moment. The weather certainly has played it's part in my general malaise as the photos above will show, I'm up at 6am most mornings and it is lovely, warm and sunny, by the afternoon it's cool and raining and it's not like we live in tropical zone, where it rains every afternoon with hot steamy rain, no, here it's cold and miserable and it's meant to be summer. I am not built for huge high tempertures but even I know that we all would be happier with a few more sunshine hours. There mightn't be any photos attached to this entry, as I seem to have lost them in cyber space again, just goes to prove that things are a little out of sorts at the moment, I need to go thrifting or look for some more books. Aunty Bee

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