Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy, busy Aunt Bee

I can't believe I have lost a complete post, I am so cross I'm not asking the men for help because the lecture is not worth it. So I'll do it again.

O.K. did it again you know what to do assume the position, head on side to see the 4 containers of blackcurrants that Mary (neighbour) bought over yesterday. The beautiful blackcurrants, forgot that they needed cleaning and sorting, bribed AJ to help, what a moaner, but he did help so I'm grateful. I'm a messy worker but it got done.  One last photo of AJ's meringues which he made at 10pm last night, they were good, I grabbed a photo before they disappeared. He is a good cook, but he isn't consistent I have offered him his own dinner cooking time slot once a week. He hasn't taken up the offer yet. On a totally different note just caught up with the last episode of  Kingdom, does anyone out there watch this programme because I'm the only one I know who does, and I absolutely love it. It was quite moving and I need someone to talk to me about it...............God I'm a sad woman.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for leaving you message on my blog; believe me we have moved in much owrse weather than we have just now!!!

    I love Kingdom too, which series have you been watching, think they have made 3, we saw the last one last year.

    Was it the episode after the storm you were watching?????

    I also love Doc Martin....... was not a fan of Martin Clunes, but he is excellent in that series, think they made 4 series, again we saw it last year, it left the ending for another series.....will watch with interest.