Saturday, February 4, 2012

A tale of two mugs.

Last week Basil had a accident in the kitchen, the boys and I heard a yell and a crash. We raced to the kitchen and Basil was picking himself up from the floor, for some reason he had slipped over. Of course we were concerned for his welfare, and he was very apologetic, but he had broken some dishes.............dishes he said, no not dishes, my two Cath Kidston mugs, mugs given to me as presents, my two most favourite mugs in the world, one given to me by work, and the other given by my friend Chris for my birthday. Mugs that I loved more because people actually remembered that I loved CK and gave them to me, rather than the fact they were mugs.
 So many of my friends just aren't into my obsessions, but these friends got it. I know I'm  shallow and trivial but I was so upset at the loss of the mugs inside but outwardly showing concern for Basil's fall. I am such a bad wife I was torn between gnashing my teeth about my mugs and worrying about Basil, only Aj (perceptive boy) knew what I was really thinking.
The mugs with a tin I found at the market. Sorry taken at night.
So I saw two mugs at the market today and I bought them, nothing really CK about them, but I like them. Basil is feeling no ill effects from his fall, the boys say it's bound to happen now he's 60. After all the earthquakes we have had the lose of two CK mugs is nothing, and I promise to be a better wife and mother in the future,and whatever get's broken CK or not will not come before by duty to my family. That should make you all puke at my pathetic attempt to cover my real nature. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, after all the things that have come crashing down around you recently your lovely mugs were just the last straw. xxx

  2. Oh ....I totally understand !!!! The proper mug is soooooooooooo important...I have felt exactly the same way.....your secret is safe with us.....

  3. Ahhh bless you i can understand just how you felt and like Susan said with all that has come crashing down lately its not suprising you felt this way. I would have been upset to its normal to feel this way. Glad that Basil was ok though ;-)) take care be kind to yourself. dee x

  4. Sounds like Basil was quite concerned about having broken them.perhaps those wonderful understanding friends will buy you new ck mugs for your birthday this year? Maybe even Basil will replace them.