Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An emotional day, although the orchestra murdered Elgar.

What a day the first anniversary of the most destructive earthquake, not the strongest but definitely the worse for loss of lives and buildings. 185 dead and 7,000 houses to be written off and replaced on safer ground, entire suburbs to be abandoned, of the CBD's 2800 buildings, 1200 are to be pulled down, they have cleared hundreds already.
Our beautiful candle.
A very kiwi service, low key and simple.
I wanted to show the gorgeous sunrises we have been having lately
A emotional day for us all, we watched the service on TV, it was lunchtime and we lit our new AJ's candle, the original was broken in the quake, and we had 2 minutes silence, though at our work that's almost silence, as one of our lady's spent the whole 2 minutes telling everyone to be quiet.
I shall tell you about other things that have happened because we are ok, and getting on with things. We get a little annoyed with the media, as we are living life so to speak, we go to work, we shop, we play sport, life goes on the only difference is as my friend said is we have felt real fear, which only other people who lived through this year have felt. Of course, we all thought there could  be another quake at 12.51 this afternoon, which does show a certain degree of paranoid thinking, a strange believe the Earth is out to get us. 
Here a some happy things.
12.30pm Sunday, kicking back, haven't felt the need to get dressed yet, and Dave loves me.
this is the  crochet blanket,  got heaps  to do till finished
To end, book sale, rubbish, absolute rubbish, got there at 9am. There was nothing there, ok not nothing I did pick up 2 Angela Thirkall's, 1 Vince Flynn, 1 Daniel Silva and an Alan Furst for Baz, all big print because that's what was left, I said most book sales keep books for the second day. She said we didn't this year because we only had 20,000 books to sell this year, my thoughts weren't nice, the old biddy probably got heaps for herself. I don't mind big print, means I don't have to wear my glasses to bed.
Love to all Aunt Bee. Think I spelt Thirkell wrong, too tired to go to the bedroom to check, but if you love her like I do you'll know who she is, if you don't, look her up, lovely books. PS. the title of the post, the orchestra played Nimrod, they were young and it was outdoors, so I forgive them, even if it's one of my favourites.


  1. Its amazing where the past year as gone and the tramua and fear you have felt and still live with must be very hard at times. Life goes on as you say it always has to but its always there in the back of your mind. Nature although beautiful is very unpredicatable and we should never take it for granted i feel. Your cat looks the same as my Timmy i looked and thought he has escaped through the laptop ;-) Your blanket looks lovely great colours. Take lots of care, dee x

  2. If I had had the year you have lived through, not getting dressed first thing and having an unfinished crochet blanket would seem very far down on the list of things to do. It must be like living in a war zone, every day you just live the best you can and hope everything is in one piece at the end of it. Try and chill out as much as you possibly can, you sound tired. Take care.

  3. Glad you are all ok, it must have been so so hard for you all over the past year. Here's looking to a brighter future. Nice to see you've been buying more books and having some pyjama days! Your blanket is looking amazing - can't wait to see more photos of it. Get darning those ends in!! xx

  4. I can not even imagine what a thing like an earthquake does to your core.....that sort of fear is to me just so scary itself!! I think you are all amazing.....I just wish no one ever had to feel that kind of thing....but I guess you really can only just go on...not easy though..not easy at all....Lots of peaceful thoughts being sent your way!!!!!