Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Keeping up to date, ok Watangi Day was a lovely holiday, the weather has been rubbish, first fine day today. The 4th was our 28th anniversary, went to Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Whatnot, that's what Barry called it, when buying our tickets. Loved it, though lots of people thought it too slow, yes James Bond and Bourne have a lot to answer for. It was set in 1973 and I arrived in Britain in 1977, there was a scene in a Wimpy bar, yesssssssssss a Wimpy bar, hands up if you loved a Wimpy burger, do they still exist?
Lots of changes at work and they seem to be working out, it means I am doing less caregiving, and more teaching, which is what I am trained to do.
Busy planning Tom's 21st, had a minor nervous breakdown but feeling more confident now as I have it all planned and organised. I used to do these things so easily years ago, but I haven't done any seriously large catering for years.
Miss Holly, I made it and the pattern was clear and doable
Zips glorious zips

Orange cake to celebrate Aj's unconditional offer for Teacher's  College
Had time to do Miss Holly's bobbly crochet, and I can say it turned out very well, now I want to make a cushion and a hot water bottle cover. The weather is terrible, first day of sunshine in two weeks, and horror of horrors have had the heater and electric blanket on, but today the line is full of washing and all is right with the world. Really love washing and hanging it out to dry in the beautiful sun, small pleasures amuse small minds they say.
Aj got his offer through for his Teaching (Primary) degree, he starts on Monday, and Tom will be back to finish his last year of Uni, Aj will have 5 full  days a week, were Tom could be all over the place, so hopefully they can car pool someday's.
Basil will be happy to wake up during the day without them around, and vice versa as he is very grumpy on awakening.
So that's it, have been crafting away will blog my efforts in a couple of days. Book fair on Saturday, I'm always excited by books for sale, have to get my elbows in training, nothing or no-one stands between me and cheap books.
Love to all Aunt Bee.


  1. Oh I am so so happy it came out so is so fun to do....I had a busy day today so I didn't get time to do the math for a cushion...I will do it tomorrow...Promise!
    Now I want to do a hot water bottle cover...great idea!!
    we have been hearing about the weather there....a water spout in Auckland!! Wow...the pictures we saw were something else....
    And about that orange cake........boy does that ever look good!!!!!!!! Well back to you tomorrow!!

  2. aahh you sound like your having hun even though your super busy. Happy belated anniversary wishes to you both. And congratulations to AJ how exciting ;-) That cake looks lovely i would love to pop in for a slice of cake and natter. Look forward to seeing your projects next time, your crochet looks fab. dee xx

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary and to your sonon his placement

  4. Orange cake looks amazing, wish I could have a slice right now! Yes, Wimpy is still around, there is one in a small town local to us. I don't know how it survives though as there is hardly anyone in there when I look in. Do you remember the tag line - with a real knife and fork and plate!!! x

  5. Congratulations. It sounds as if life is going pretty well where you are. Yummy looking cake, it has made me want to bake today.

  6. Re, the glasses case . If I was making my own pattern .I would measure the glasses folded .
    length plus 1 inch , that should allow for the seams
    Width plus 2 inch
    Leave straight across or curve
    I like to add thin batting and a lining