Friday, January 27, 2012

Sideways viewing, turn head when viewing please.

It's been a very busy week and alternating between stinking hot days and rainy stormy winds at night. I've been busy planning Tom's 21st which is next month, we are doing a Mexican theme, who thought of that stupid idea.... yes it was me.
This morning visited my aunty, we had a lovely family gossip, the last time I visited the next day we had a series of earthquakes, so I said be warned, we'll get a earthquake in 10 hours time and we did. 
Went to the market and picked up some things, very hot and heaps of stalls and people were there. There was a man selling of someone's fabric, yarn and craft stash unfortunately it was pre-bagged and there was a lot of mohair yarns.
not really me, but is good for work, have to have tidy  clothes that can cope with anything
Yes I will wear something under it , probably a wool vest. 

 shall wear it the right way up.
old English boarding school book obsession satisfied, tick
Now housing the mail, idea stolen from Pinterest
bag obsession satisfied, tick
egg cup obsession satisfied, tick
Yes, swivel your heads, sorry I was doing so well getting them where I wanted them.Have been crocheting away at work till a person made a remark (stupid man doesn't even work with us) so I've decided not to do any at work.Why do people who don't do anything and have no discernible taste make comments and he "dissed" my mum, note use of young language, and that really peeved me, mum in her heyday would have given him a clip around the ears. Rant over, watching Come dine with me. Yeah, I love it, horrible people who know nothing about food slagging each other off. Love to all Aunty Bee. Yes I'm a bad person.


  1. Oh Barb well done with your treasures.....
    just talking to Kylie and she said it was so hot today..............she doesnt tell me any more about the Quakes i wait until you do a post

  2. You are NOT a bad person - you are honest and funny, carry on the good work.

  3. lovely goodies purchased. The shirts are great buys.
    Love the book title 'the making of Mara', so from another time.
    You should have given that guy a swift lefty, how rude picking on you crocheting.
    You aren't a bad person at all, a bad person would never admit to being so they would just blame everyone else.

  4. Your not a bad person some people just can't keep there noses out. He was most probably jealous that you were making good use of your time and that you are creative that winds people up sometimes but pants to them i say. You do what you like and when you like. Lovely goodies love the bag. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee xx