Monday, February 27, 2012

gosh don't you look good

We have a new computer courtesy of Tom, it has a big screen which means you all look really good to my eyes. Tom's friend and computer expert has fixed it all together and transferred my favourites over without me losing anyone. I have at least 50 blogs I visit, but I don't follow all of them, I found it a bit daunting to follow people so I just put them on my favourites and visit during the week.
Of course no photos today as I can't find them, although Ben assures me they are in there somewhere.
Very busy weekend, all mothers of young adults will know what I mean, Friday night Baz and I thought there had been an earthquake because the house was shaking, but no it was the wind, Saturday night, Baz had work, Tom was out and I had dropped Aj off the other side of town and got back home to an earthquake, 4.2 and down the beach. When I finally got to sleep at 2am the phone rang at 2.45am could I pick up Tom as he was sick, no not alcohol, actually sick so I picked him up. Then Aj rang for me to pick him up at 8.30am as he had boxing training at 9.30am. Then Tom told me had friends coming round in the afternoon for a thing on Sky and BBQ, yes I did the BBQ and through  all of this Baz was either at work or asleep. 
at least I got a picture placed, pity it's from an old post
Then twice this week I have done strange posting things, like sent Mum a parcel up North addressed to me, and sent the Contessa a birthday card a month early I don't know why she's complaining I never usually remember. I have thought this month has been March for some reason, old age ? I blame earthquake brain which is wearing thin or early onset of dementia. Or it could be Tom's 21st with it's ever expanding guest list, and the millions of things I have to do before Saturday. Will try for photo, fingers crossed. Love Aunty Bee.

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