Saturday, March 3, 2012

My camera is dead

My camera is dead and it died last night at Tom's 21st, so no photos for prosperity, I'm a bit sad about that but it was a wonderful night. The weather was horrendous, a weather bomb,( a present form Australia) hit yesterday and even though Christchurch was the lest affected, we had freezing SW winds and rain all day. We changed our plans from outdoors for the young people, to in the the garage and oldies indoors. We had a wonderful time, although we had the usual not inviteds turn up, but Baz and Aj didn't drink all night so they could handle any situation,  Baz and Aj plus others saw them off the property, unfortunately they stayed down the end of the street screaming and kicking cars. The young people called the police.But  we thought they had moved on before the police turned up, total morons. Tom's friends were wonderful, funny, crazy and able to mix with everyone and have a good time. I of course am knackered, I was up cooking at 6am, everything was prepared on Friday, so it wasn't a hassle, having a theme helped, restricted the alcohol and food to Mexican, and it proved a hit, although I say that with the remains of the huge chocolate cake and chips/nachos, and salad too last for a week.(hope not).
I also gave out cake to people I knew had children, I used to love when Mum and Dad had been out and bought us leftovers home, I hope that isn't just a NZ thing.
The day here is very cloudy and I can see the clouds been hurtled across the sky at a amazing rate of knots. Autumn is truly upon us, we have South Africa here to play cricket and Super 15 has started so that's par for NZ, as I have said before our only chance of winning the cricket is to freeze the opposition, a ploy we have used successfully in the past.  
I am starting the clean up, words fail me........... I've been to the garage, and the young man that bought the troublemakers has just been and picked up his bag which he left here, he apologised for their behaviour, but said he had spent the night in the cells, we didn't know they had been arrested as the had gone around the road, but as they were going to steal a car earlier in the night I am pleased they got taken in. Right I'm ready to go, but first I think I'll go back to bed for a 10 minute snooze.........I have even had the electric blanket on last night, I shall get up and clean up later or maybe tomorrow, that's what the Mexicans say, isn't it ? Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. Happy belated birthday wishes to Tom sounds like a great time was had. Hope the weather improves for you soon. dee x