Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have new running shoes, yet strangely I don't want to run.

Basil went to the market with me this morning , I don't like this, he didn't say "why do you want that", but it was unspoken and I couldn't fossick to my heart's content...........but.
this pav was to celebrate Aj's good news which has become news delayed
my little haul from Saturday
I did get a teabag holder, 4 glasses, and two pretty cups(without saucers) and one book for Basil.
Aj's got good news and bad news in a 24 hour period about his selection for Teacher's College, he's in limbo at the moment, so we can only pray it all turns out o.k.
A gorgeous day in the park
The woodland garden with the Womens Hospital in the background
Baz and I went to the park for a walk last Sunday, he says this week we are going to walk/run around both parks. I had to go get new running shoes as mine have no tread on the soles, I think this is due to running on the treadmill.
The "men" will be both running up the stairs in the hills, while Baz and I go out for breakfast, such a treat, I do love breakfast out, actually I love breakfast, in fact I could eat breakfast for every meal, very Irish of me.Of course normally I have yoghurt and muesli but tomorrow I might be forced to have pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, and if I can sneak cream on there I will. The weather is supposed to be horrible tomorrow, snow and hail in some parts, not here in Christchurch, we are to have only rain, I am so looking forward to that walk/run, somehow new shoes don't seem that exciting. Best luck for any active endeavours you may undertake, I shall need them myself as I feel tired already and so I depart for the land of Nod. Goodnight, perchance to dream and sprain my ankle, (I know fat chance in bed) therefore not able to go around the park tomorrow. Love to all, Aunt Bee. Sorry, photos everywhere, but at least you get photos, think of them as pop-ups of a nice kind.


  1. Love the pavlova, it looks very yummy!

    Good luck with the running, you are a braver soul than me ;-)

  2. Nice pav..... I hope that things work out for Aj. Yummo, breakfast out, what a treat!

  3. Your pav looks so yummy..........just love looking.... at your bargins you get each saturday.................

  4. Oh.....Pavlova...How I love pavlova!! I think if someone was running in front of me with a pavlova I would love to run!!