Saturday, January 14, 2012

Busy Bee.

Not a great shot of the moon, but it was beautiful last night
The scent from the lillies is subtle, gently wafting through the lounge
The return to work was fun, yes fun, but then my colleagues are nuts.  The boss was still on holiday so there was plenty of hi-jinks, all our clients came back and actually wanted to work.
On the home front, Basil was in the garden most days, only defeated by the heat, it's so hot here, and humid at night which along with the earthquakes ( a 5 at 3am this morning) means no one is getting much sleep.
Aj had his interview for T Coll. and felt ok about it, though he did forget the name of a very prestigious local school and called them by their nickname, oops, the selection panel had a giggle, but reminded him nicknames weren't always appropriate, but by that time he had remembered the schools name. It's just wait and see and hope he does well in his last exams. Tom has his subjects for next year sorted,  the Uni has lost students, buildings (to be demolished or rebuilt), and funding  therefore losing staff  , so options have been limited and stress levels high as it's his last year.
Top, scarf and books
I got a lovely top ( labels  still on ) at the market and a scarf, old dice and tumbler and some pearl buttons and beads, it was a extremely hot there and so I didn't linger. Found two books for Tom, and an Pop Larkin in France for me. I am cooking a stew in the crockpot tonight which might sound strange, but it's to hot to cook in the evening so I'm being organised by preparing the meal this morning, stew and potato salad, it sounds odd, but will be fine.It's all that's on the menu anyway. I have been inspired by those doing the sealed tin for loose change challange and have bought a large tin money box to save all our small change, it will be opened on the 3rd December. It has proved hard to round up change from some people, no names given but you can guess. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. while the cat's away the mice will play...
    Happy return to work.
    Sealed money tin sounds like a great idea. I'd be the only one contributing here too!

  2. Ahh glad to hear that all is well apart from the earth quakes. I like the sound of the sealed money tin to, i might give that one a go ;-)) dee x

  3. Work sounds a good place where you are. A sealed money tin is a great idea but I don't think it would stay sealed in our house, our two offspring are always asking for money for things. I hope your sons education problems sort themselves out.x

  4. Is it possible the con-contributors in your house are male? Great idea though, even if you are the only one adding, it will still grow over a year!