Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad blogger is sorry, but relaxed.

Last night's sky
New flour container, cheap but cheerful
I've been a bad lazy blogger, actually I have just been lazy, I have so enjoyed my holiday (back to work Wednesday), that I have done very little. I say with pride I don't give a toss, so nice to do nothing, oh yes, I've thought about doing lots of things, but the God of Sloth told me not to stress myself, so I didn't. So to you all Happy New Year and lets hope that it's a good one, we have had so many quakes since the 23rd December and on Friday the people who know (not a lot, I think) say we will have earthquakes now for the next 30 years, not all the time but frequently, ha I'll be 86 by the time the earth settles down and I'll probably be under it, cheerful thought isn't it.
My feet enjoying the back deck, note nail polish, quite bold for me
What have I done, well Basil and I went to Sherlock Holmes this afternoon, and I enjoyed it, (though it was too long), but Basil not so much. I was so uncomfortable in my seat. Is it an age thing, that movies are just too long?
Best muesli ever
Dear Rupert and Girls Crystal Annual, I am so chuffed with these.
Went to the market to look for a container, I have started making my own muesli, absolutely delicious even if I say that myself, but unfortunately Basil likes it too and I have had to make heaps more and bought a new flour container (lucky find) so I could swap the flour into it and then use the flour container for the muesli. Quite clever I thought, while there I bought a  Girls Crystal annual, it's 1956 so I had to buy it, such a good year.

I'm glad it finished but not sure what to do with it.
Please except this small token as a apology for not posting.
I also have been cutting my gorgeous sweet peas, and filling the house with their lovely scent every other day, I love them nearly as much as freesias. I know the photos are out of sync, but really I hopeless. I would love to link into some to the new year finishing UFO's project's that are happening, but I just don't get how you join, so I'm joining in spirit, there is somewhere in this post a heart I have at long last finished, so onward and upward to the 23 other UFO's I have targeted for this year. Love Aunt Bee. Please ignore that the flowers on the heart are upside down, I am.



  1. So sorry to hear about quakes again but glad to hear you are ok and chilling and relaxing ;-)) I love sweetpeas such a gorgeous smell. Enjoy your books nothing beats a vintage one i love flicking through them. Happy new year i hope its a peaceful one for you. dee x

  2. I do like your new flour container, very swish. How you can relax with earth quakes going on I don't know, but I am very glad you can. Sweetpeas, just lovely. Take care xxx

  3. Lovely sweet peas-my fil always loved them, they remind me of him when I see them.
    DH and I saw sherlock Holmes yesterday. We loved it, the action was great. You just don't want an eye for the realistic though. Robert Downey jnr plays an eccentric well doesn't he? lol

  4. So glad you've given in to it!! You deserve it!! Hey...this is a no obligation blog world is for fun!! It is just nice to see the old fav's when their title pops on to your screen!!! So just enjoy!!!! And as always... lovely to see you!!