Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in an earthquake zone is interesting.

Christmas Day has come and gone, and the earth has quieten down a little, so we are enjoying the peace. It was a peaceful  family Christmas, but little in the way of presents, not because of any idealogical reasons, but because the post was late or to be honest non existent after Friday afternoon's earthquakes, everything stopped and closed and everyone went home, traffic jams everywhere, just as well as we had a further 5.3 then a 6. They have been all from the same fault line and there have been over 35 shakes since the initial one. From the same stretch of  coast and all very shallow, the beach suburbs have been hit badly again. 
Aj was very well looked after by the company he works for, I picked him up on Wednesday and he and his colleagues came out smiling, carrying bags of meat, the boss had done a cull of his cattle and given the meat to his employees, they each got a ham for Christmas as well,  and Angus won a bottle of Port, got a DVD from his secret Santa and crackers and mints from his immediate boss. He is off with his mates to a music festival for 2 days, it's Dub something music, he played  me some, I admit too not understanding it all, his father ran from the room screaming. 
Tom worked yesterday and is working tomorrow, while waiting for Uni to confirm his subjects for next year, all very stressful. 
Who cares about earthquakes when the weather is stunning.
I'm venturing to the Mall, the only Westfield Mall in Christchurch, which in a earthquake is a scary place to be, my friend Mare was there on the second floor on Friday, only her second time in the mall since February and now she is too terrified to go back. But we are given vouchers for Westfields by our boss, every Christmas and so I shall go tomorrow and hop in and out quickly, the Contessa told me to send her the voucher and she,ll use it up North, quite a fiendish plot to do me out of my voucher while being concerned about by safety. I'm on to her though. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Hell's teeth as I sit here we have had another one, bloody hell I shall still go to the mall and will post tomorrow just to prove I made it home, Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Take care, I just can't imagine how scary it must all be. I looked at the photos from Friday and was so sad to see the devastation, especially as I recognised many of the places we stayed at and even looked at as a place to live.

  2. You are MUCH braver than I would be. I don't venture out in heavy snow and ice let alone an earthquake.

  3. Wishing you all the best for 2012. Hoping the earth in Christchurch stays put from now on. xxx

  4. Oh my all have been through so much...I am so must be so so wearing on you...I am sending lots of thoughts your way and pray it all stops!!! very very best to you.....xxxxxx

  5. I wasn't aware you had been hit again .I'm sure it would have been on English news ,I must have been out .
    Be brave , spend those coupons quickly