Saturday, September 10, 2011


After seeing everyone raving about Mollie Makes, I emailed the magazine to see if it would be on sale in NZ. They emailed back a few weeks ago and listed the shops stocking it in Christchurch. I visited the closest shop last week and they had none (actually they didn't have a clue what I was talking about), but the young lady there said she did, fellow crafter of course, they put my name down for all future copies and they rang last week. I dashed down there today, result issue 3 is mine, and I think it is worth the hype, I'm very pleased with it.I'm here at 7.38pm watching France  v Japan, waiting for England v Argentina at 8.15pm to start, and playing with crocheting flowers. Bliss rugby, craft, and only me in the lounge. It's bliss for the men as I have a rotten virus thingy which has left me without a voice and with a grumpier disposition (they aren't so happy about that part of it), but of course I have next week off. I want you to think you are hearing sounds of great joy, yelling and cheering, because you can't hear me and I can't actually do it at the moment, but that's what I doing inside. Have been to the market, garage sale and library today, each has provided treasures, to show you next post. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Yahoooooo! So glad you finally got a copy!! I think it's a very fun magazine...I find I go back and back to look at it...that to me is a good hope you are well for the week off...enjoy!

  2. Glad you are part of the Mollie Makes club! Looks like you have been doing well in the charity shops. Must get back to hunting out some bargains myself soon. xx