Thursday, September 15, 2011

The craft flair fair and smart thrifting.

I thought this was very CK like, although I have never seen CK fabric.
My fair booty, the tin held a fat quarter and ribbon.
I suspect this is the first of a series.
very pretty dish, now in the bathroom holding soap and corkscrew
I have returned from the Fair greatly impressed, as it was small,  over 3 floors of the Riccarton Race Course, but perfectly formed. 39 stalls and mostly from Canterbury, a few from the North Island and the usual sewing machine displays. I spent some money, so it must have been ok. No photos allowed so that is why there are none, and I was strangely drawn to the beads and stamps, strangely because I don't do these crafts and more oddly I wanted to start doing them, sanity prevailed and I told myself no. Lots of classes and demo's, but I left after an hour, I searched in vain for a cuppa in a proper cup, I can't abide paper cups, so I went home happy but thirsty.
The book, corkscrew and a very sharp corkscrew it is, I stabbed myself twice with it while still in the CS, and the pretty leaf plate I found in one of my favourite CS shops, which I can only go to if I'm off work because of it's opening hours. They were reorganising their shop floor and I got the 3 items for $2.00, that's what I call a bargain.
I'm back to work next week and as usual I don't want to go, but needs must when the devil drives or some such quote that me sainted mother used to say. Love Aunt Bee. Oops sounds like the sainted mother is dead, but she doing ok at 95, and probably saying her numerous sayings, quotes and blessings in her indomitable Irish way. She has a saying for every possible situation, not as bad as her sister who used to say when greeting anyone, family or stranger "kiss me darling, nothing makes me sick", but then again she has lived in Aussie for 60 years.LOL, good thing she doesn't read this blog.

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  1. "Kiss me darling nothing makes me sick" I will have to rememer that one. Your great aunt sounds a real giggle.

    A lovely stash of fabrics you have there, I have discovered a local lady who makes curtains, she has plenty of scraps for sale, a real find.