Saturday, September 10, 2011

I asked Tom did he want to go to the market with me yesterday surprisingly he said yes, so of we went. The car park is slowly getting repaired so everyone was still crammed into the church car park, and although I had tempted Tom with the idea the book man would be there, he wasn't. But Tom did buy socks, a knee support and a very cool bronze of Achilles. It's very heavy, and he has lost his spear, but Tom loves it. I picked up the very nice green, and isn't a lovely green eggcup, and the cute little tiny casserole dish, well that's what I'm calling it, it does say its oven proof on the bottom, behind them is a very pretty embroidered table cloth.The cauli is huge and beautiful, I love caulis and this had the added bonus of being only $3, which is a bargain, considering they were $4.50 last week. 
After the market I went to Avonhead Mall and picked up Mollie Makes, and as we were coming home I saw the bowling club was holding a giant garage sale, it was  almost over when I got there, Tom refused to get out of the car, took me back to the time he was a stroppy 6 year old, and all I got was the nice tin.It was a lovely morning, he was happy with what he bought and I was glad for the company. Although he was telling me about "trans humanism" his favourite philosophy at the moment, don't ask me, I have know idea what it's about, I'm focusing on Classics I have some hope in understanding them, the Greeks and Romans I mean.
The rugby was good last night, and tonight we have Ireland v United States, it'll be very exciting  and emotional as it is the anniversary on 9/11. My rugby watching meter is high at the moment but next 

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