Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A swap arrives, and Radio 4 I love you.

Very pink necklace.

Florence of Sunshine of my loves, was my swap buddy in Lakota's swap and due to many things such as Florence getting ready for her family's big trip to Europe, my indecision over what to send her in the way of jewellery, and NZ Post's very slack service we have finally exchanged our swaps. Mine arrived on Monday, and a very nice start to my holiday it was. A lovely painting of flowers, even Basil was complimentary he said we have to get it framed, so I take that as a good, a wonderful scarf, very long and almost black which I will be wearing for all future AB games. A pink necklace, love the colour it's such a lovely pinky pink.
 My holiday has been wonderful, Monday I went to the Mall what a novelty, a Mall where you can go into the shops and have a good look around without fighting the heaving throng, the Christmas Shop has opened, I could have spent serious money but didn't, didn't have any really, money that is, saving it up for the Fair on Friday. Tuesday went with the men to a Mall that I haven't been in since the big earthquake a year ago, and I felt nervous but it was fine, this is the Mall where Aj was on June 13th and had to flee with his friends just as he started eating his curry, how sad he couldn't ask for a refund. I had a look around and a lemon muffin and then Aj and  went on to Spotlight, (Tom went over to the Uni which is about 500 metres away), as I needed more wool, really acrylic, for a new crochet project, very hush hush, only because it will take ages to do, with over 200 granny squares I don't want to get your hopes up that you might see it in this decade. 
Today is a cleaning day, have done the shower, moving on to the dreaded toilet, those  with a men only household will know what I mean. So enjoying the time to myself, oh and listening to Radio 4 on the internet, you lucky British people to have Radio 4, I have been catching up with "Just a minute", the Agatha Christie stories and a Paul Temple serial, I love Paul Temple, yes I can remember pre TV world and all the brilliant radio serials on at night. Which Aussie or Kiwi can remember Portia faces Life, a classic housewife's favourite.
I would be grateful for anyone who has a favourite on Radio 4  programme to let me know, I'm not familiar with much any more as I left Britain to return home at the end of 1980, so any comedy or drama or good current events shows I would be grateful for a recommend (if you know what I mean). Must go and check if Paul and Steve are any closer to catching the dastardly Valentine, infamous drug dealer circa 1948. I do believe I am regressing more to the happy days of 50's and 60's when life seemed easier, of course I was a child and we always saw things differently than our parents who had the financial responsibility for us all, just as we have for our own families today, and we all know that isn't ever easy.
Love Aunt Bee. 


  1. love the picture...yes you must get it framed

  2. Oh I like the girlie pink beads, very fetching.
    RADIO 4, I am addicted to Womans Hour, but I do wish they would put more cheery plays on in the afternoons, some of them are so dreary.

  3. lovely goodies in the mail!
    I agree we find comfort in the days of our childhood when things were simple and the worries belonged to the adults. If I say it out aloud I am sure I will sound like my mother talking about the good old days! lol

  4. Beautiful painting, it will look lovely framed. I might not be old enough to recall the shows you're talkin of, but do recall spending lots of Sunday mornings listening to the kids shows on the 'wireless'.