Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The visitor, the dietician and the men hitting each other.

I have been busy the last few weeks, we had a visitor from Aussie, a army friend of Basil's, (1970's vintage) to stay for a week and I was a bit on edge, as I've only meet him 3 times in 29 years and he deigned to speak to me about 6 sentences in all that time. We did a lot of ferrying around, well Basil did the most, but we don't have a spare room so Tom slept on the floor. Not ideal for a boy studying and trying to type up 4 major essay for Uni. He (the visitor) seemed to enjoy his trip and returned home early and I mean in the early hours of Monday morning, Basil was on night shift so I got up at 3.30am to see him off, am I mad or what.
I have not gone on about my DIET (it deserves capitals though), because don't you get sick of those bloggers who start off normal then go on a diet and that's all they talk about, BUT I had a weigh in with the dietician yesterday and  I have lost 13.4 kg since the first week of June. I have a long way to go but I'm determined to do it, she doesn't want to see me again, but I can email her with results every month or so. Now all I have to do is go back to the specialist who told me to lose weight. Mmmmmmmmmm not to keen on this next appointment, as he was, how should I say this, a bit of a pig, that really covers it I think. Anyway the female specialist and her nurse and the dietician said he could do with losing weight himself and that to expect me to get down to 70 kilos was mad, I had to agree, so the dietician and I think 78 or there-abouts, is good. So no more talk of the DIET but I will be happy to show you, me, in June 2012, as that is how long I have given myself to lose the rest of my pounds of butter (that's how I'm thinking of them).
On a happy note we have gone to daylight savings and it is so beautiful at 6.20pm to see my clothes drying on the line, the  birds singing in the trees, and the happy sounds of my sons's beating the hell out of each other with boxing gloves.
O.k. I'll have to go out and stop them or there will be tears before bed time. Love to all Aunt Bee. 
Miss Read books, I'm a happy reader.

Some pretty tulips, I love Spring.
I was pleased to find this Duvet and pillowcases, so summery.
Bought at the market, it matches my "granny purse".


  1. aawww well done on the diet that is great ;-)) Look forward to seeing you next year ;-)) Lovely pillow cases and purse. It seems strange that your in spring and were in Autumn. Have a wonderful weekend, dee xx

  2. Clocks changed already?! Oh bother, that means ours are going to change soon as well and then it will be horrible and dark. Not looking forward to that at all.

    Love the purse, I have one very similar.

    Well done with the dieting.

  3. I do apologise. I don't appear to have let you know that I sent you a versatile blogger award, have a look at my blog and it will reveal all. I think you should also have got an award for losing so much weight, well done, it isn't easy when you have to cook for everyone else. Miss Read! I haven't read one of her books in years,'A happy reader'what a lovely phrase, it does you good to read uplifting book.

  4. well done on the weight loss, a great achievement!
    Can't wait for daylight savings here, just need that little bit more sunlight to sew.