Monday, August 15, 2011

yes, Miss Holly we got snow.

Mayberry in the snow
Is Robin going to get me to work tomorrow?
What the best dressed snow bunny is wearing this year.
Don't Aj , you know your'll be sorry later.
The Main North Road and few cars are out and about.
The first sign of spring
Beautiful but bloody freezing.


  1. Seems strange to see the snow in NZ, I know you often get it in Christchurch, but sounds like the North Island has been badly hit as well. Keep safe and warm

  2. Lovely seeing some snow from this end of the world. We are still getting sunny days but there is a freshness in the air (already) and I've seen a few leaves turning brown aswell. Looks like autumn is arriving early in the UK. I was hoping for an indian summer! Keep warm. x

  3. Brrrrrr looks cold. It reminds me of British winters. I am NOT looking forward to the change in seasons, mind you with the summer we have had all that is missing is snow, we have had everything else.

  4. Wow!!!!!! It is so pretty!!!!!!!! I just love snow!!!! It is magical.....hope it does not cause tooooooo much trouble.....happy day to you!

  5. Thanks for popping by and leaving a message about our wardrobe makeover. The photos you posted of mountains and ice on July21st made me smile as that's my birhtday, slightly different to the weather we had on that day!
    I have a friend who emigrated to NZ years ago. She an dher family are near Wellington and she sent me some photos the other day of their first snow.
    Lisa x