Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a truly wonderful thing is Spring

Daffodil Day on Friday, unfortunately no real Daffs, as the snow had killed them all.
sugar shaker
Very useful shopping basket.
Pretty in pink.

Sweet peas planted yesterday.
Washing on the line..........drying in warm wafting breeze.
It's been a interesting time here at Mayberry, Basil turned 60, unfortunately he had been sick for a few days, but luckily he was still on holiday. I've just reread that and it sounds so callous but I mean that he didn't have to go to work while feeling crook, it was his heart of course, the cold weather always makes him poorly. We celebrated quietly with a family dinner, I had one of those "woman things" test at the hospital..........say no more, and Spring has finally arrived a few days early but welcome just the same. The joy of a line full of washing can't be underestimated can it, I'm watching them blow around in the breeze and hoping they will be dry by lunchtime and I can put more out by lunchtime. Who would have  thought when we were young, that getting clothes dry on the line would provide such pleasure, as does the wonderful Bellbird which is serenading us from the tree next door. I am really turning into mum.The market has shrunk in size, as the car park, that it used to be in, is getting fixed, unfortunately some of the new concrete is already cracked from the earthquake earlier yesterday morning, it was quite a noisy one, but I thought" bugger it" I'm not getting out of bed. We had a decent rumble at work on Tuesday morning, we were talking, as you do, and Matt said "move away from the wall girls" which we did, waited for half a second to judge the strength and went on talking, that's the way to do it. There is a Vintage market planned for the 4th September it is at the old house, which is the market I blogged about in my second or third post, I shall not be going as it is the first anniversary of the "big one" and there is to be an attempt at the world record for the biggest hug and we are going to hug the CBD, what is left of it. But I am going to the Creative Flair Fare which has been set up in place of the Aussie craft fair that isn't coming, probably scared of the earthquakes, they came to Christchurch last year and it was brilliant and were meant to come this year I don't know what happened and I do hope they will return next year.The CFF seems to be local craft stores and I'm hoping that as it's in the local Race club it might have some stores from other parts of NZ, I wish this because I took this week of work for it, and I want to spend the money I have saved up..........God I get sadder by the day. So with the joy of Spring in my heart and the need to but the washing machine on a again I say farewell. Aunt Bee

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  1. aaww i hope Basil is ok and happy birthday to him. It seems strange to hear you talking about Spring when we are supposed to be having our summer but its getting like Autumn here every minute. Good luck for the Creative Falire fare and the worlds biggest hug, dee x