Saturday, August 13, 2011

My obsessive pursuit of Mollie nears an end.

Ok, quick post to say something happened today, which was very exciting, if the distribution point in New Zealand for Mollie Makes is exciting, then this is exciting. Well it is to me, I emailed them to ask could I buy the mag here and they said if I sent my location they would let me know where the nearest bookshop will's exciting in a who cares only me way, but then my life is rather sad, here speaks the woman going to Cowboys and Aliens becos she adores, yes you read it right adores, Daniel Craig and has managed to persuade her husband he wants to see this movie too. And the other news is we are awaiting a big winter storm bringing snow, more snow than last month and for longer, hell's teeth maybe 2 or 3 snow days, I wasn't happy about this, well not as happy as my work shy colleagues who on Friday were drooling over the thought of days of work, but then after doing the shopping and stocking up on the important things such as loo paper and cat food, and the dawning realization I could do some much needed sewing I am ready for this coming weather event, though it is due while we at the said movie. Yes, on one hand Daniel, on the other snow storm, howling winds and warnings to stay home or again, Daniel, so you can guess the answer to that, I hope he will some day realize what I did  for him and the dangers I placed both myself and Basil in. Right, good night, time for bed and I've just remembered I didn't put the electric blanket on earlier, to engrossed in Lewis, which truthfully had so many red herrings I was a bit bored, but it did have that really gorgeous Robin Hood in it, as the baddie so I had to watch to the bitter end. Aunt Bee. The Robin Hood who went on to Dynasty or one of those hideous American shows, he was a Prince and they all got shot in the end, so hideous I obviously didn't ever watch it, yeah right.

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