Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The week after the last post.We did find snow the following Sunday.

4am early Monday morning, July 25th.
Dave is not happy does his duty then spends the day under Tom's bed.
This is looking good for a snow day.
For 2 days I'm forced to watch DVD's, crochet and  read books.
Aj is persuaded to clean the snow off the Sky dish, while I take photo from inside.
Yes I finished the blanket, and we needed it, I love and so does Basil.


  1. Holy Moly!!!! Snow!!! Wow....Is this the norm for you now? My friend Helen is moving back on the 19th.she will go from hot to snow in 20 hours or so.....it is so hard to think snow..it is hot here!! very hot... and it is not snowing ! But in 6 months it probably will be and you will be hot!!! That has been one of the fantastic things about getting to know all the wonderful people all over the world in real time...the world of blog is so fantastic!! it gives a perspective that we never could have had.... ...have a happy happy day!!

  2. It will probably snow here soon, we have had every other type of weather, it is only August! typical GB weather.

  3. Hi Barb
    Kylie sent wonderful pictures
    wish i was ther!!!!

  4. I love the way you were forced to watch DVDs and crochet!! Sounds like heaven to me! the blanket is very beautiful and finished at just the right time. Hope you are all keeping warm. xx