Friday, August 12, 2011

Dave 1, Aunt Bee 0

I love gingham and a Indian tablecloth which I have worn as a scarf, as you do.
Great find, crochet mag from the 70's,  I remember them well.
Dave's petty revenge when I didn't dish up his dinner  quick enough.
mmmm,  must remember to take lid of box containing  lovely Christmas decorations,  before I photograph them.
Sorry about lack of posts, everyone including me has had the flu, actually we all still have the flu. The camera went walkabout, oddly enough in my bag, believe me it's the Black Hole of Calcutta in there, and then I couldn't download photos till I found the cable which of course was under Aj's bed. Where else would it be ? But on a happy note Aj can drive without us in the car so for the last two days he has taken Basil's car to work, yahoo!, no more getting him to work at 7.30am and then waiting in my work carpark for an hour till I start work. Will post again tomorrow as I have more to show and tell, including the weather forecast, and it's all bad. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. I love gingham too! great colours :) hope you all feel better soon. My 2 doggies did the same to my sewing bag a few months ago, unravelled 2 new balls of wool across the whole of the living room!! little monkeys he he, they looked like they had had fun though.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Looks like Dave enjoyed himself at least. My mum used to buy the MOn Tricot books too. I have kept a few of them. They usually have lovely crocheted bikini's in them! lol