Saturday, July 17, 2010

Misery loves company which is why I'm on my own.

Oh, how I love these 2 mags, although I some take issue with Country Living rather xenophobic attitude to food from overseas, particularly NZ, but I'll forgive them on the basis that the rest of the magazine is beautifully styled.
I have had a depressing sort of week, so have not been my usual self. Never one for wallowing to long in misery I have given myself a good pull your socks up, pull yourself together, stop moping lecture and feel that I'm back on track. This morning though the sea was so large and high that it  did indeed feel like it was trying to get me, I kid you not, it was not frightening in a dangerous way but I was keenly aware of the power of the sea as I was forced numerous times on my walk to run to the sand hills to escape the tide.  Did cheer myself up this week with my usual once a month magazine buy, only 2 this week as I'm trying to economise again. The drinks and nibbles for our work party is next week and I have been getting some early prep done, I had some old fashioned nibbles at a morning tea a few weeks ago which I'm doing for our "do", I say old fashioned but I was the height of fashion then (possibly) when 1/2 an orange with toothpicks holding pickled onion, pineapple and cheese was essential at any party. Well everyone loved them and they disappeared with much laughter and rememberances of party food and drinks of the 60's and 70's. I believe that retro food is back in so asparagus rolls, and cheerios are on the menu as well. Tom has just told me I shouldn't be left in charge of a computer, which I think means get off please. So that's it for me sorry to be so boring and grumpy but I shall perk up and battle on. Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. Sorry to hear you've had a not so good week and hope the next one will be better! Xenophobic attitude to NZ food - well I'd better not read it then as it might make me grumpy as well ;-)

    Like the sound of the nibbles...brings back lots of memories of parties when I was a child.