Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taking some me time, but have to take Basil.

Sorry for lack of posts, my mojo for crafts, blogging, even ( I hate to admit) keeping up with friends has deserted me.It's just me, although we, I mean all of us in the city of Christchurch are suffering from Earthquake stress and depression. Who would have thought of that,13,000 earthquakes and we are all suffering fatigue, yes we are suffering from experts telling us we are all nuts. 
Basil and I have both a week off, and we are going on a wee trip down south, hopefully I'll come back balanced and ready to get in too the things that make me happy.............sounds good, but not sure it'll work.
So I am going to take photos of my beloved Canterbury, eat too much, and enjoy some time with Basil, I'm driving so I can stop where I want to, haha, don't think Basil has thought this through. Good bye for now.


  1. YAY, sounds lovely!
    Indeed, living in Christchurch has been/is a trial, but can't be helped! A trip out of town will do you the world of good! take care, and look out for all the crappulous drivers!

    1. I will lookout for the bad drivers, and the antique shops, second hand shops, nice places for a tea break, photo opportunities and general nosing around. I shall take earplugs so if Basil moans about all the U turns to go back to see something interesting, I wont hear him.

  2. Im so very sorry to hear that its stressful times for you at the moment. Enjoy your trip and I hope it brings a little lightness and joy to you both enjoy every moment. Best wishes, dee xx