Sunday, March 24, 2013

a little trip away

Oamaru's small but perfectly formed
Shops,bakery, cafe's, crafts, books, homemade ice cream, heaven
Not into Steampunk but the sense of humour is great
Outside Steampunk HQ
Oamaru, the Victorian area
Heading for Oamaru
Leaving Fairlie,  very foggy
Lake Tekapo, without Mt Aoriki/Mt Cook, freezing and cloudy

Dave enjoys the Autumn sun
Some photos of our trip and one of Dave relaxing without leaving home.We had a great trip, the weather was good except for Lake Tekapo where it was freezing and we couldn't see Mt Aoriki/MtCook. Stayed the night at Fairlie, where next morning Basil fell over moving from the bathroom to the kitchen, this had a affect on the rest of the week. But he survived but is still limping. Oamaru one of my favourite places was great, the Victorian area was as awesome as everyone said, and the Steampunk HQ, though not my cup of tea was suitably different, it's very arty/crafty/vintage and some of the people dress in Victorian/Steampunk clothes which gives it a real vibe.
I have got some more photos to show including a where's Wally/penguin photo for my next post. love Aunt Bee 



  1. Hi Aunt Bee, I clicked on your post via SFT's blog and was thrilled to see you have been down our way and enjoying our wonderful wee town. Sandra x

    1. Loved our trip away, wonderful locals, especially those that informed me about Oamaru's one parking lady, giving me time to get money in the meter. 60 cents an hour how amazing is that, haven't even mentioned Riverstone yet.

  2. I am so glad to see and hear you had a great break away. Your photo's are lovely it looks like a beautiful place, dee x