Friday, February 15, 2013

I went for the arty photo look, sadly

Plum jam made on a slightly cooler evening in February.

Shakespeare in the Park
  Me going out for night out with the "girls"

Sorry, tried to be arty, failed miserably, but the photos show I think, how hot the summer has been, taken at all times of the day and night and the sun just will not behave. Note people wearing jackets at Twelfth Night, it got decidedly cooler in the evening under the trees. My mantra this year is go out more, so what if Basil's working, he's always working. I going to see the Wind in the Willows soon, it's in our beautiful Botanic Gardens, and signed up for a Laser Strike night. Went out to the market and stopped at a very expensive Op shop, bought Basil a milk frother, the lady at the counter didn't know what it was, it would have been more than $3 if she did know, I think.  On to the market where I bought a Chinese bamboo steamer and a book, ok, also a sausage in bread, with onions and mustard. Might as well confess my sins. No big deal about St Valentines day, neither of us celebrate it, we have been together 31 years, through good and bad, and we are in it for the long haul, the occasionally "brunch or movies out is our treat". I have been out for "brunch" actually twice last weekend, it reinforced what didn't need reinforcing, I LOVE BREAKFAST. I say  to one and all, goodbye at 5.00pm, with the smell of BBQ in the air, (not ours), children laughing, (next door) and the bloody crickets making a fearful racket in the trees. Love 
Aunt Bee.

Dahlias with half eaten plum, by me.


  1. Gotta be a good girl when out without Basil

    1. To be fair he drove to the bar, then returned and picked me up at 10.45pm. Enjoyed catching up with people hadn't seen foe years but I'm too old to go out on a week night then to work next morning.

  2. Good for you getting out and about!!!!!!

    Oh, I so want to see Twelfth Night, particularly outdoors, that must have been lovely.

    Sft x