Friday, June 1, 2012

Life got in the way.

I haven't posted for so long, but life got in the way, a combination of jury duty and no computer, and Tom leaving home. My eldest son has gone flatting and it's fine, but I miss him terribly because he is so much fun and interesting, you can have  a good old natter with him. He's taught me about the Greeks and Romans, legal matters (when still a law student), Batman (more than any woman needs to know) and Death Metal, (serves me right for been always interested in what they were interested in). He gone to share a house with old school friends, 1 minute walk from the supermarket where he has a new job, night supervisor 3 nights a week.This is enough for him to live on, Aj misses him and so does the cat, and I have commandeered his room as my sewing room, yes I am going to have a room where my machine will always be set up ready to go. I am hoping this helps with productivity, as I have been sadly lacking in sewing mojo lately, tried to machine quilt on the weekend, I am so bad at it, I would be grateful for any one's advice or knowledge of any good tutorials on the Internet. It needs to be idiot proof, really, idiot proof. 
Angus has one more week at Uni and then he is at a local school for his first section, he's been on two visits to see what happens in the class from a teachers perspective, which he still finds hard,  he has to remind himself he is the adult and the kids look to him for the answers. (God help them).
Jury duty was interesting and no I wasn't on any jury, closest I got was the 30 from which the 12 were picked.We had to turn everyday in case we were chosen. I'm glad I did it, and would certainly do it again if chosen, it was the third time I had been called in 15 years.
This weekend is Queen's Birthday weekend, with the holiday on Monday, it is always looked forward too, as it is our last long weekend till October, it's a long cold winter to come without a break. Today is the first day of Winter and it's been bitter, heavy frosts and freezing nights, no real rain though, but snow on the mountains already.No photos as you can see, it's the problem that needed fixing on the computer, so you have only my words, here's hoping you haven't been bored. No market,for the last 4 weeks, it has just disappeared, I'm going to a new market tomorrow, which sounds very new agey, and ever so green, and slightly odd so it will be a new experience anyway. Hugs to all and Happy Anniversary to Her Majesty, my apologies for non-attendance, but of course I was there in London for Her 25th, and thought others should have a chance for her 60th. Of course I have seen her put her lipstick on in public at Ascot, not sure this counts as any real relationship with QE  and you know I'm not one to name drop anyway. Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. Sounds like you've been so busy, glad your computer is back on track. Enjoy the celebrations this weekend, I will have a little giggle about you seeing the Queen putting her lippy on in public - shocking behaviour!! xx