Friday, March 23, 2012

A glorious spotty tin and bits and pieces.

Found this cake tin at the Warehouse, a spotty mug, and a
Miss Marple DVD (Julia McKenzie),while shopping for slippers, I shouldn't be let loose at night in the "big red shed". 
This was going to be a hot water bottle cover, till I learn't we no longer have a hot water bottle, so is now going to be a scarf.
Lovely mags, couldn't resist
Strawberry Bakewell, not as nice as the raspberry
Chocolate Cola Cake


  1. You are like me, I go in for a loaf of bread and a pint of milk and come out with a couple of books, a magazine or two or nine, a new mascara and well, whatever else my wandering eye takes in.

  2. I love every picture in your post!!!! Love the red tin!! Love the hot water bottle turned the mag choices.....isn't Mollie Makes wonderful and............LOVE what's come out of the oven!!!! I think I will have to bake today!!! Are you feeling fall yet...boy are we feeling spring!! Really warm yesterday...all the spring flowers are blooming!! Have a wonderful week end!

  3. That tin is lovely i adore a red spot ;-) Liking your scarf project super colours. Enjoy your baking, dee x

    1. I haven't been in the Warehouse for ages and it has got some nice spotty stuff only 2years after seeing it in English blogs. But least they have it and cheaper than some of the other homeware chains. Good luck with the aprons.

  4. lovely spotty tin and your scarf project is great. I like all the different stitches and colours.
    Yummmmy cakes!