Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm quietly proud of this post, can almost get this computer to obey me.

Aj, loves to cook and gets my obsessions, as he loves PS3 games. 
Be patient with me, the new computer is wonderful, but how to retrieve my photos to my blog is eluding me. Wonderful week, everyone enjoyed the party, which was great. The weather has been appropriately Autumn with a capital A, very cool and  a couple of frosty mornings. I did go to the market and bought two tartan blankets, one for our bed and one to hang over the couch for snuggling in the evening as I don't want to put on the heater until it's really cold. I bought a book (Margery Allingham ) and a large cane basket in which I have placed all my yarn which I'm not in using my current project. Three eggcups, yes I'll admit this is now a serious obsessional collection and nothing else as I had run out of money (bugger) I found lots of things I really liked there, but had not a brass razoo in my purse. Managed to get out this week with two clients to a local conservation area, we had bought bread for the ducks......... there was a sign saying do not feed the birds as we are trying to attract native birds only, ha ha they obviously think we don't know our native birds, because the only native birds were Pukehos (not terribly nice birds in the behaviour department) and the rest were introduced ducks and swans, so we feed them, naughty some of you may think, but we were discrete (we hid the bag of bread when someone walked past)  and it's good to break the rules sometimes.
The well fed birds
I washed the blankets as soon as I got home.
I have just taken a Raspberry Bakewell Cake out of the oven, courtesy of BBC Good Food site, it smells and looks delicious, it's one of my favourite food sites. Bought a new knitting magazine, bad Bee, Ideal Home and BBC Homes and Antiques........don't look at me like that, you didn't stop me did you, oh I must curb (note not stop) this magazine craving.Now I'm warning you about the photos they will either come out fine or be a nightmare, but I will work it out just may take me awhile, remember I'm the only failure in a class of 32 people taking  Computers for the over 50's. Love Aunt Bee.

I gave it a good wash and it contains all my yarn


  1. ooohh yummy i would love a slice of that cake please bakewell tart is one of my favorites. Love your little basket. Have you tried putting your photo's from from your old computer onto a memory stick and then putting that into the new one and up loading them? just an idea for you. Enjoy reading your magazine. dee x

  2. I love the things you find on your travels. I could do with the two blankets here, it keeps pretending to be spring, then we get a frost again. I have a serious mgazine habit too, is there any cure?

  3. love your bargain hunting. I hope there wasn't a stool pigeon amongst the swans and ducks to tell on you!
    Yummy cake.

  4. Raspberry bakewell tart!!!! Oh yum......I don't know what that is....but I sure will be finding out!!! Your post looks wonderful on this end..and so do all your new additions....

  5. are you today?
    Cheers for popping by my blog....lovely to hear from you!
    I'm really loving my lamp!