Friday, February 1, 2013

The printer and wi fi are out to get me???????

What a kerfuffle, with the printer, (still requiring intensive psychiatric help and the wi fi (now working) only working on the TV and Aj and Tom's laptops, but not ours,( and we all know whose is the more important) with everyone but the experts trying to fix it, it's been very stressful for ME.
How could you forget it's all about me, with the laptop, it's mine I tell you, mine, I only share with Basil because I have too.  Busy busy, hot, hot, bloody hot, to hot for me, but Tania (work) bought in this gel thingy which you soak in water and put around your neck, I bought 2 of them immediately, one for Baz and one for me, though to be fair I wanted something to encase me whole body, God knows what that would cost, the neck tie thing cost $25 for two, good deal I thought.Of course I haven't used it yet.
It's been so hot and I'm telling you something that I didn't let the family know about, so hot one night last week,I had berry ambrosia for dinner, that's right, that's the whole meal and it was delicious. 
What they don't know wont hurt them, they weren't home so mum rules apply. 
Wont bore with the rules because they are fairly fluid in nature, because I'm very good at adapting them to the situation as it develops, yes I get complaints, which is covered in rule one, Mum is always right.  Shall actually post tomorrow with photos, now there's a challenge. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Boy oh boy....I m really glad I'm not in the sorry for you...I totally understand's cold here...dropped 30 degrees F. Last night!!! Crazy weather ......but I'll always take the cold!!!

    1. Yes the sound of Autumn has a nice ring to it,made plum jam tonight as it was cooler. It has been the sunniest January in 60 years, we aren't moaning really, but the garden and water supply needs rain.We don't have air conditioning at work or home so I'm sitting here with the door open and the screen door letting in some much need breeze.

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  3. it seems everyone is having some sort of problem with laptops lately . Another friend said her husband was having pro
    blems wit his emails .
    I sometimes think what with the expense of running these things and more importantly the time we spend using them is it worth it.
    On the other hand I love being in touch with people like yourself ,and looking at other folks crafts.

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