Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This is coming to youall,from the comfort of my couch,through my new TV and it has been a trail. I'm going to be brief because to get this far has done my head in, Aj has told me I am on my own in this endeavovor. I shall experiment in the next few days and update my progress in this modern way. Forgive all mistakes as the bloody thing wont let me correct them. Aunt Bee


  1. Ha, my G is thinking our new TV (when we get one) will have this delightful technology! Should I be afraid?!

  2. Tehe - now that is clever..... watch this space huh??

  3. yes be afraid as we have wiped out the internet for the laptops .I Could be dangerous if I knew what was doing. Aj can,t even do this,to it takes so to do anything. Sorry there was an I between what and was. I.will keep practising, ha ha the woman who said she would never get a Kindle is using her kindkle cloud on the laptop, it comes with windows8 and is stymied in her wickard download ways by rhe lack of internet, butI am using Basil c/c to buy my new addiction, am I bad or smart, you decide, good catholic girl that I am I'm only having a slight twinge of guilty.