Friday, October 28, 2011

Why does 60 minute makeover make it look so easy and voting.

I painted  this and then mod podged the back with  serviettes.
painted and hung on the wall
I have been busy the last few weeks, painting bits and pieces, the little shelf which I got at the market and the shelf thing which was from AJ's room. I've learnt that I am not the world's best painter, and it's not as easy as the experts make it look. The little shelf is now off the wall as the builders are here to repair the house and all the walls are to be repainted. We are living in chaos at the moment. The bigger shelf thing is in the dining area and contains an assortment of my sewing things it's been re-arranged since this photo, as I have placed the radio down to the next shelf. The men have said it looks good, high praise indeed. Our house is indescribable at the moment, as we will continue to live in the mess as the work is done. They are working between our house and the next door neighbours, so it is going to take weeks, but we are happy to get it done although we have had a huge argument with EQC already, as has everyone we know who has the builders in, bugger, but the weather is wonderful and everyone seems optimistic and positive that things are on the up. We are also in the midst of an election, oh dear we are to vote on whether to stay with MMP or go back to "first past the post, or STV or some other system, it's a mess MMP  (that is) but we can't go back to FPP, I'll be doing some research  before voting, oh how I hate having to work hard before I vote. Ha ha only joking, I appreciate the right to vote, sanctimonious aren't I. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Your painting looks lovely to me too! I can't get very excited about the referendum part of the election either(or the other part for that matter. lol)

  2. Your painting is better than I can do
    Barb what is the address of the markets that you go to on the weekend ????