Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bacon fat is delicious in ginger cake. OMG who knew
Not sure I want to make a cake that will keep for months
I found this at the market last week
Oh why am posting this at 11.40pm, well can't go to bed yet, the sky is full of fireworks, and cars are hooting, people screaming, and partying, the AB's won the World Cup, what a game, brave France, beaten by one point, but one point is all you need. Tomorrow is a Public Holiday, no not in advance of winning the cup, its Labour Day, so I shall sleep late and revive slowly.Next World Cup, London 2015, might have to start saving. Good night and God Bless, Aunt Bee.


  1. I think it is enough to say 'bacon fat is delicious'.
    Well done on the rugby win, we watched some of the game. We were glad France didn't win! Enjoy your day off to recover.

  2. Hmmm, will know what to do now if I've no butter and I fancy making gingerbread. Glad your team won on the rugby front, everyone will be walking around with big smiles, must be a good feeling for the country.

  3. Hi There,
    Being from Yorkshire originally, I cook a lot with lard so i have to say bacon fat in a cake doesn't scare me!
    Hey, I'm your christmas swap partner! be sure to email me your address, meanwhile I'll go have a poke around your blog to get some thrifting inspiration...
    Nice to vitrtually meet you x

  4. Frankly I love bacon in anything!! I've heard that will you try it?? I do hope you get to the vineyard as we call is just the most beautiful place..the fall (here ) that is Oct to Nov is heaven...not a lot of people and it is more the way I remember it as a little girl...should you ever go I can give you all the info for a wonderful time!!!