Sunday, October 16, 2011

We love the Ab's

I am off to bed, All Blacks won, I am exhausted, feel like I played the game. The half bottle of Lindauer I consumed probably had something to do with how I feel. At least we will be happy but tired at work tomorrow. If you think we are rugby insane in this country, well we are and for us in Canterbury and specially Christchurch ( although we love Robbie Deans) we need this win, the only city too not have a game because of the earthquake, we really need something good to cheer about. The builders start work on our house tomorrow, Aj starts back at Uni and Tom starts studying for exams. Basil will sleep in the garage during the day while the builders are here and I shall seek comfort and quiet at work..............yes I know there is something wrong with that statement, it's more of a hope really. I feel the need for  chocolate, I must fight this craving with all my might, I think this is going to end badly. Love and hugs Aunt Bee.

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