Friday, July 29, 2011

****** Blogger

I am so sorry for not posting but ****** Blogger wont let me download any photos and I have so much to tell you. The snow hunt, which was fruitless, and the real snow which we weren't looking for and we didn't have to go up a mountain either to find it. But I want to have the photos, so tomorrow I shall sit at the computer till Blogger does what it should.Humble apologies from the heart of my bottom or some other grovelling line, don't you just hate Blogger when you have so much to tell and it wont let you do what you want. Rant over, till tomorrow adieu and yes we have snow, not one snow day but two, that's a record. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Tell blogger 'what for' and get those photos to us soon. xxxx

  2. Blogger has been a right pain in the backside lately,not co-operative at all. See you when you get it beat!

  3. Have a relaxing hot chocolate and read a book whilst Blogger decides what it wants to do!! Just don't go out in the snow, it's cold and wet and annoying but it looks pretty! Hope you are all ok. xx