Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Winter is here, at last.

This photo is show the holly in the vase more than anything, the holly tree is in full bloom and looks beautiful, I risked life and limb to cut that small piece, so I hope your impressed.Date and walnut loaf I made Sunday, note lovely fresh walnuts and baked loaf, the walnuts are there only for decoration, I forgot to put them in the loaf while making it.
A quick post, I have a cold, unusually for she who dosen't get these things, but a cold non the less. We all have had colds and flu and it is appropriate as the weather has changed. Its been raining and cold since the weekend and we have had the most amazing cloud formations roll over for the last 3 days, a hint of snow down to 300 metres on Friday, wow, everyone at work is thinking maybe "snow day" this year. We are sad people obviously, hoping for a day off week because of snow.

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