Saturday, May 8, 2010

My chair, bought for $20.00 off Trademe, it's mine, at last, I have placed it front of the sliding door which is used as the main entrance  to our house. It is for me to sit in and sew, listen to the radio, crochet , drink tea and read. Why have  I done this?, there is only one lounge in the house its large and has the stereo and TV,  2 couches and with the "men"and Basil watching TV or DVD's which I have no interest in, I can't spread out with my crafty stuff. So I put the chair in tha ample kitchen/dining/living room and claimed it as my own. Yesterday afternoon I sat down with a talking book, some sewing and a late lunch and had a wonderful few hours of enjoying myself. Strangely enough everyone wants the chair but know it's off limits. The fabric is Sanderson I think and it's a very well made chair, there were 2 more but I didn't want to push my luck getting them as Basil who picked this one up said they weren't in as good condition.Mothers Day, and on a cold and frosty morning I received these goodies, the slippers are my usual gift, a box of fudge, my favourite, two mags, foodie one and the English House Beautiful, a difficult mag to find in ChCh, very hit and miss as to who stocks it, and Chris told me her local shop where she buys her mags is not stocking many of the English ones we both love, I digress. But that's all for me this Mother's Day as Basil has informed me the beautiful bag and 61 Hours the lastest Lee Child book, he bought a week ago were also Mother's Day gifts............... Mustn't grumble as my car went in for a warrent and is in massive trouble, can't even tell you the quote for repairs, as it is so terrible.The talking book I got out of the library, funnily enough it had Julia McKenzie as Ariadne Oliver. I love talking books, but this has to be the worst Hercule Poirot ever, I'll not name the actor but his accent veered from" Hello Hello " to a bit Irish, in fact Aj a Poirot fan came and listened and couldn't work out which was the "little French man".Talking of Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple, she was o.k., closer in appearence to AC's description, not wholly satisying but the clothes, the cars, houses and general "look" of the films always delight me. It's Sunday morning and I'm off to buy some lamb for dinner tonight, not having dinner cooked for you Aunt Bee, well no Basil who is at work as I write, kindly invited some friends( over from Oz for a funeral ) for dinner tonight.  Gee I bet your happy about that Aunt Bee..............yes I am...........That is all for now, as I have much dinner preparation to do.

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