Saturday, March 15, 2014

When Lusi visits there is only one thing to do.

Not all the bookcases in the house, in fact not even all my bookcases, but privacy of others would have been invaded if I took photos of them all. Tom said we need more bookcases, mmmm, I thought, maybe not, when you move out we'll have two more. 
The weather outside is frightful, (name that song), so as I'm still in my PJ's it's back to bed with a cuppa and books and mags. I've started a new blog,  Aunt Bee's Book List 2014, feel to pop in and tell me what your reading, comment, disagree, or recommend. I so hope there's no flooding, 11/2 hours to work last time was not fun, fingers crossed. Love AB. 


  1. Ohhhhh...I so hope there's no flooding!!! Well...we are still getting snow!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we had a springlike day...warm enough to rake some of the winter away but today...brrrrrrrrrrr...
    I'm going to start some veg seeds in our little green house but it will be a month at least before anything can go in the ground!!
    Some of our summer birds are it's on it's way but slowly....I just pray we don't have a blazing hot summer...
    Happy day!!!!!

  2. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. be careful what you wish for! its the tidiness I can't stand.

  3. Oh no, please don't let it snow yet! Or flood for that matter....
    Bookshelves are in short supply in my house too, I would really like another one or two then the piles of books hiding in my wardrobe could find a proper home! Hope you didn't get too much flooding when Lusi called.