Friday, February 14, 2014

Bagpipes and cat training, could my life get any more exciting.

This is the Bronze medal they won, in the St Louis Exhibition, they traveled around the world to 3 World Exhibitions in the late 19th century and came home to NZ.
Basil's great Grandfather's handmade bagpipes, played at Alamein. Tom gave a talk about them. Basil's father Gordon
took with him when he went overseas.
That's better Dave, on the chair, not on the table


  1. Some great family pieces you have there.....
    Has Dave been misbehaving of late?

    1. Tom used the bagpipes history for his introduction speechy thing at T Coll, he's doing the 1 year training. Dave is slowing up, poor old cat, we don't know how old he is probably about 14, I think he's shown signs of cat dementia as he driving us mad.