Sunday, July 14, 2013

Now is the Winter of our discontent.

It is the winter of discontent, it's freezing,and miserable and my usual "I love Winter" mask is slipping. Visited my dear aunt and she said "I got the heat pump on 24 and it's still cold", she says it the coldest winter she has felt and she lived in England during the 1947 winter. O.k. she's over 90, but I'm freezing, have bought a new jacket, extra warm norse gloves, boots, yes boots that actually fitted my well shaped calves, a miracle I tell you, and many more tops than I need. 
Aj goes to work with 5 layers, and strips off if the day warms up, it's so cold he is eating a hot breakfast before work..........well I never, some good has come from this misery. I won' t go into the flooding, roadworks scenario but my little car and I have had some "hairy" moments going to work lately, bloody earthquakes. There isn't a major or minor route in town that isn't closed, or half closed, I, the mildest of women, wanted to get out of my car and "bop" the driver of the car that pushed in to my lane, although they knew they had to merge 300 metres before. This is a common feeling in Christchurch, MM coming to work on Friday, saw a guy kick some one's side mirror off, on the motorway (that was safe driving wasn't it).  I should add the cars were all stopped in another traffic jam.See I'm an old misery guts at the moment. 
I have finished the angel, I loved the book so much I bought a copy from The Book Depository, how I love that site. It's a book by Madeleine Millington, Felt with love, gorgeous book. Then while in a op shop I hadn't been in to for yonks, I found some CrossStitcher mags for a $1 each, they are all around 2000 to 2003, I wonder if the penpal seekers got any penpals.  I'm a bit like Toad, full of enthusiasm's, so I'm cross-stitching again, while making things from felt, but still taking time to think about my UFO mountain of quilts and then quickly move on. 
Your wondering about the lack of photos, well I can't find them, I love Windows 8, but the photo retrieval is useless. Or possibly I'm useless, go with what you think is the truth.
So that's it for the week, I've forgotten the important thing I was going to tell you all, but I do feel better I have had a weather/road rant. Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. Haven't heard from you on your blog in a while! Not that I'm one to talk but please do update! Love to hear about things at home while I'm in Japan land. I am updating my blog a bit too over at whatsheepdo ... Who knows how long that'll last. There's always Youtube though!