Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rambling again

I am such a stinker, I haven't been posting and yet I am busy, busy and busier, each week is jam packed with excitement. Well not excitement or though to be honest, my heart skipped a beat when I spied a french market basket at the market 2 weeks ago, I didn't need it, but wanted it so spent my whole budget ($20.00) and bought it, how did I know it was french? the French lady who sold it told me it was. She has had a stall at the market for a few weeks now, and I have bought a owl picture for Josie, 3 metres of muted tartan, and some needle cord.
On a work note, we have moved from our old building to another building, (next door to the Spotlight Mall, it has a new trendy name but can never remember it), which has lots of lovely food places. This move is to a smaller building till ours is fixed, it's actually very good in a packed to the gunwale's way, and warm as the weather has turned and Autumn has arrived with a vengence. I sit here with frozen toes as I have left my new 2013 slippers in the bedroom.
Basil had a heart scare, that's what I'll call it, he ended up in hospital for two nights, although the doctors pooh-poohed it, he had his flu injection the week before and it's a given he'll get really sick afterwards.
On the I'll go out if invited front, last week 32 people from work, 7 actual workers and there appendages, ie, family and friends, (sorry not the appendages you might have been thinking) went to Laserstrike. Wonderful, never been before, but so much fun, 32 people from 8 to 58, having a ball, and such good exercise, 15 mins of dodging and hiding, went so quickly, if I'm not totally decrepit I want my 60th birthday party at Laserstrike.
It was my birthday on Tuesday and I got Nigel's Kitchen Diaries 11, so pleased, said I would be taking Nigel to bed with me, and a friend asked who is Nigel, I told her and she said never heard of him. I wept, I love Nigel.
Also got some other books and a DVD, Miss Marple one I didn't have, how can that be.
Last night we left Baz, and went out to drinks at the Astro Lounge for Josie's 21st, me and the lad's, the lounge is large plastic curtains attached to a small restaurant on a concrete, brick and rough ground courtyard, and I was wearing heels, arrrrgh. Not the normal foot attire of the less footed, unspotted, middle, aged besom. 
Met Josie gorgeous sisters and had a great chat, they are 19 and 23, and love books, old TV shows, Colin Firth and the Goons, how wonderful.

No new job yet, alas, there is always tomorrow, on wards and upwards, no point in getting downhearted, Winter is creeping around the corner. My favourite time of year.
Missed going to The Mousetrap, due to Baz, go on tell me who did it?


  1. I'm exhausted just reading your catch up.

    I hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Hope Basil is ok!

    Sft x

  2. You've been just busy enough! Astro Lounge sounds like fun. Had some ChCh girls staying here over the weekend and listening to their earthquake stories makes me realise once again that it's still an ongoing situation for you all up there. Sx