Friday, May 4, 2012

After the funeral (yes I stole that from Agatha Christie)

Aj dreams of actually  driving the Yorkshire Terrier's Audi
Aj and I are back from the North Island. Mum's funeral was lovely and although Basil and Tom didn't go, they had the flu, some  of the South Island family (which is most of us) managed to get up to Wanganui, so we had a mini family reunion.
adorable great niece who kept us entertained  for the 3 days
Aj and my Dad
The 3 cousins, CB, JM and Aj,  yes they were on their laptops for hours
Aj and I stayed in a very faded 1970's motel, which had ants, the surprise was that we had to pay for them to stay as well. We ate at the Contessa's or I should say we ate too much at the Contessa's. I don't think it's terrible to say we had a great time, Mum would have loved having us all there 
I lost my voice of course, but after the Mass and the eulogy, and Aj who went to work this morning was sent home because he now has the headache and terrible throat.
 This morning it is raining and cold and indeed it's the opening day of duck shooting season, so at least the ducks have a fighting chance. I have decided to spend the day at home sewing, as I am feeling a little flat, thank you for your kind thoughts and virtual hugs, so very kind.Love to all   Barbara.


  1. It is a lovely tribute to be able to say it was a nice funeral and for your mum's life to be celebrated.
    Love that mop of red hair your little great niece has!
    Hope you get over the flu and get some sewing done this weekend.
    Hope you didn't have to bring the ants home with you?

  2. Oh Barbara...I am so so sorry about your dear mum....I have been a bit out of the loop as my garden has sort of taken over my life as it does in our spring. It is a very hard thing to lose your mum. I lost mine 13 years ago. She was only 73. Way to young. I am so glad you were able to have time with her...and you all could laugh. So important. Again..special thoughts from me to you.....xxxxx

  3. So sorry to hear the sad news, it sounds as if your mother had the send off she would have wished for. Look after yourself and rest awhile, your mind and body need the break. The very best of wishes from here. xx

  4. Glad it went well, I think that is the best you can hope for in those situations, and as you said, your Mum would have been pleased.

  5. Hi there, thanks for your kind words at my blog. I am so sorry to hear about the death of your Mother. I read your last few posts and she sounds like a wonderful lady. And what a rough few weeks for you.