Saturday, November 5, 2011

The house is a tip, but I went to the market, as so I should.

Pixieware how gorgous, $2 brilliant
some rotter had cut out the magic painting pictures
I have been remiss in not blogging much lately, but as the builders are still in my house so to speak we are living in in chaos. The lounge is stripped the carpet covered in plastic wrap (which Dave hates) and contains the TV and the old couch which comfortably seats two three at a pinch but definitely not four of us. The table is in the dining room but has no chairs and everything else is in the garage along with the builders stuff. They haven't told us to clear out the bedrooms yet but possibly next week, the hall has no carpet, but it does have a new ceiling,  they thoughtfully left the carpet tack rails, oh! so invigorating to the  mind and body if you step on one. I know my library books due to go back this week are in the garage and I am mounting a full scale expedition to find them this afternoon, I may be some time.
Didn't she do well.
I haven't done much in the way of sewing, crocheting or nosing around in op shops or indeed the market, but I did return to the market yesterday and was rewarded by the thrifting gods.

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  1. Goodness i really feel for you i hate living unside down so to speak. I hope the work all gets done quickly for you. Loving your finds and buys i used to love Rupert the bear i bet that will be a good read. dee xx

  2. Hope all the work gets done quickly for you guys christmas is just around the corner