Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December 1st, welcome summer

Christmas swap from Max, ornaments, coasters (fabulous)and
 and wonderful Christmas book of poems.
double chocolate biscuits and to die for cheese biscuits.
Note skew whiff light, can't be straighten as it will break off, so that's fixed then.
Market shopping,  love the threads and stamp, pity I don't do stamping
Here we go, the house is finished too the builders requirements, not ours, but that's another story. I spent whole of the last weekend taking things out of the garage and finding a place for them. I did well, even if I was sick, got some sort of bug, by Friday I had no voice left much to the amusement of everyone at work, if the only thing I'm good for is to amuse my colleagues, then it is not a small thing. Cruel heartless bums that they are. Carpet went back down yesterday, Aj said how weird it was to have carpet again.


  1. Glad life is getting straighter for you but sorry to hear you have been poorly. Lovely gifts and i love the tin there in. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  2. technically summer here too but it's chilly!
    Glad you are getting back to a normal house. Enjoy your bikkies..
    Lovely tin of goodies

  3. Those biccys look very tempting, as does your tin of goodies. I think it is par for the course these days that everyone gets a bug before Christmas, shame on those workmates you should have had tea and sympathy.

  4. Hope you will be able to get back to normal by Christmas
    thinking of you

  5. Hi Barbara, just to let you know I haven't received your parcel yet. I know you said you planned to post it on the 20th November, you might want to follow it up with the post shop if you have sent it. Hope your feeling better and how nice it must be to look forward to christmas in a repaired house x