Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, but mine has gone to plan

A quick post I hope everyone had a great New Year, we had two parties to go to the "men" were out, and we had a great time. Got home at 1.00am had a catch up with Tom and then to bed, Aj rang at 3am to say he had a broken hand. I wont go in to detail as I'm still cross, but it is a story familiar to other parents of teenagers. I have spent most of New Year in hospital, and we are still on standby to go back in for a CT scan and Wednesday or Thursday are penciled in for surgery. There has been added stress as hospital politics meant AJ was in A&E for over 12 hours waiting for someone to take responsiblility for his treatment...........I refuse to let this be a sign of another bad year, instead hopefully Aj is going to take this incident and make some changes to his thought or lack of thought patterns. Ironically he had applied for Uni that very morning. At least I thought as I sat in A&E, with children/teenagers life is never boring, stressful, yes, boring, no. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Oh dear - I hope things have improved in the last couple of days for you. Best wishes for 2011!